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Tool Control & Asset Management System

TCMax is the standard tool control software for a large number of private, government and military organizations including the Air Combat Command (ACC), the USAF Reserves (AFRC), the Air National Guard (ANG), and the Air Force Special Operations Command (AFSOC).

How it Works

Superior Customizations

For Railroad & Other Industries

We've built TCMax to work the way you do. Let us show you how other clients are saving time and money with TCMax Tool Control Software.

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Automated Reporting

Real-Time Asset Management

TCMax can automatically send email notifications, providing a clear picture of your organization's asset management and inventory control system.

TCMax Reporting

TCMax Tracks Assets, Tools, Calibration, Access Level & More

It’s easy to manage everything that’s happening in your facility. Voice prompts remove the need to constantly monitor the screen. You’ll be alerted when there is an issue or a tool is returned, and warnings are spoken in a different voice to stand out and catch the operator’s attention.

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TCMax was designed to allow a user to issue or turn in tools and consumable items without having to look at a computer screen.

  • Track assets with barcodes or alpha/numeric digits of any kind
  • Issue / turn in tools as fast as you can scan
  • Virtually all tasks can be completed through one main screen
  • Over 100 reports, 200 options available
  • Automatic report emailing with separate SMTP settings for every location
More Features

Industry Integrations

TCMax: Top Asset & Inventory Management Software Solution

  • Total System Control

    No Internet connection required, TCMax utilizes Microsoft SQL Server®, SQL LocalDB®, & Azure SQL Database®.

  • Easy To Set up & Customize

    TCMax was designed with flexibility in mind, allowing the system and software to be configured to meet your operational needs.

  • Supports Multiple Locations

    Managers can monitor inventory and assets across the entire organization through a single database.

  • Fast & Accurate Inventory

    Inventory has never been easier, faster or more accurate. Scan your items, listen to the voice prompts, and see the results!

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