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TCMax Asset Tracking

Asset Management Tracking Software for Tools, Inventory & More

Real Time Asset Tracking Software

Whether you're looking for asset tracking software to know exactly where assets are at all times, or to track the status and condition of your assets, TCMax Asset Tracking Software is a proven market leader.

With TCMax, you'll know in real time exactly where your assets are. You can quickly see who has them, and can pinpoint when and in whose possession asset defects occur. Railroads using TCMax now have a process for tracking and repairing bad order assets as well as knowledge of assets that need attention, calibration, or inspection.

Automated Exception Notification and Reporting

The TCMax Dashboard App can notify appropriate personnel of bad orders, create work orders, and line up assets for repair or forwarding to the proper maintenance facility. This provides the information you need to manage your inventory more efficiently, and can help reduce the amount of inventory maintained in-house. All of this occurs automatically based on your specifications!

Real-Time Asset Management

Real-time data, when combined with a clear picture of all assets, helps improve multiple aspects of every organization. Class 1 railroads have reported significant ROI and Asset Tracking improvements after using TCMax. Some examples of tracked items include all OCU's and RCO Equipment, RCL Material, Crane Boxes, Welding Carts, Laptops, Meggers, RCL Control Boxes, Tool Kits, Blue Lights & Flags, PPE, and much, much more.

Ready for an Asset Management Solution that Works?

TCMax elevates your efficiency with real-time data and reporting to help you manage your assets. The TCMax asset and inventory management solution offers easy setup (it's possible to be up and running the first day), integration, customization, and operation. Get started!

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