TCMax Systems™ is now ekPROTRACK, an authorized distributor of TCMax®

Chain of Custody Software

Accurate Chain of Custody for Evidence & Inventory Control

Including Evidence Tracking for Law Enforcement

TCMax software has been in continuous use for more than 19 years, and is installed on all seven continents. With over 200 options, TCMax can be easily customized to meet your specific operational needs. A majority of the options available in TCMax were added as a result of direct requests from existing users. One of our most recent options, evidence tracking is available today.

TCMax can help you maintain an accurate and legal chain of custody for all evidence, with or without hard copy (paper) backup. Dual electronic signature capture authenticates proof of transfer, and these signatures are doubly encrypted in a manner which prevents tampering.

TCMax provides means to not only track evidence entering and leaving the evidence room, it can also track evidence gathered at crime scenes, destruction of evidence, and suspects and their relation to other cases. This is all done through our easy-to-use interface, scanning barcodes. With legal chain of custody controls using TCMax, you can enter the quantity and/or weight of items gathered at crime scenes or during the execution of search warrants, and take comfort in knowing that all confiscated items are safely brought into custody back at the station.

Implement Legal Chain of Custody Tracking

TCMax can help you maintain an accurate and legal chain of custody for your inventory or evidence tracking. Our asset and inventory management solution offers easy setup, integration, customization, and operation. Get started today!

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