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Government / Military Asset Management & FOD Control

World Class Foreign Object Damage Control and Asset Tracking

Asset tracking and inventory management are two of the most effective ways to reduce unnecessary expenses and protect against Foreign Object Damage. By tracking the issue/turn in of each asset, TCMax is able to provide instant, audible feedback in five different languages if the asset is due for inspection, calibration or if an employee is not certified to use the asset. Dashboards are available for management to see a clear picture of all assets under control in real-time, including which assets require attention, need repair, what's on order and what needs to be ordered, and much, much more. Automated email notifications can be sent to management.

Security You Can Trust

TCMax Software is already in use on all seven continents, with thousands of licenses for the U.S. Military. You will have full control over the TCMax installation, as it is hosted locally using an SQL database, SQL Server, or SQL Server Express and an Internet connection is not required.

TCMax In The Military

TCMax Software has grown and evolved with new features and capabilities to support the customized integrations requested by existing users. TCMax is honored to be the standard tool control software for the Air National Guard (ANG) and several Major Commands (MAJCOM) of the United States Air Force including the Pacific Air Command (PACAF), Air Combat Command (ACC), Air Mobility Command (AMC), the Air Force Reserves Command (AFRC), and the Air Force Special Operations Command (AFSOC).

The tabs below contain additional information about TCMax features which were added or designed specifically for Military clients. Click Here to view additional features and benefits.

Asset Management Software - Military Features

TCMax fully meets U.S. Army regulations DA PAM 710-2-1, paragraph 6-3c for tools that are to be issued for more than one day but less than 30 days and paragraph 6-3d for tools that are issued for more than 30 days. Also added the DA FORM 2062 which is automatically filled by your inventory further complying with DA PAM 710-2-1. DA 2062 report includes options for customization and can be used to issue weapons or other high value/sensitive items.

The Physical Inventory Mode of TCMax was designed specifically to inventory a fire truck filled with assets in 1/10 the normal time to perform that inventory. That process is identical for your Property Book Inventory which again should be accomplished in 1/10 your current property book inventory time. This can be performed most easily with the Pocket PC version of TCMax working in conjunction with the desktop TCMax.

army form DA 2062

Several US Army reports are included, such as:

  • DA Form 5519-R Tool Sign Out Log/Register
  • DA Form 2062 (click sample on right)
  • DA 3161 Request for Issue or Turn In
  • Army SC Component Hand Receipt

TCMax has been approved for U.S. Navy Helicopter Maintenance facilities on the U.S. West Coast. TCMax fully meets U.S. Marines TAMCN C70742B and SL-3-10024A July 2003 for a component list of tools along with appropriate inventory logging on their standard report.

TCMax is now the standard tool control software for AMC, AFRC, and ANG. No one can get into TCMax data without the database password. An administrator can change that password but you first must know the original password or you are locked out.

Print AF 2005 order forms directly from TCMax from 4 different screens! T.O.'s are identified by checking the T.O. check box. There is a special inspection report for T.O.'s. New status of a tool is displayed in bold blue letters at the top of the main screen when you scan a tool without turning it in. Two versions of MIL reports. Spares reports.

AF 1297 Temporary Issue (Hand Receipt) printed with CTRL-4

WRM equipment, you store the WRM calibration date (typically 520 days from the actual calibration). If you issue the item then the WRM inspection is deleted and the Calibration Due Date is automatically set to the new real due date based upon the interval that was in the inspection. TCMax says "Attention" to warn you to write the new calibration date on the item. To everyone else, WRM is equipment that is in storage and is calibrated every 520 days as long as it is not used. Once it is used the calibration date changes to a much shorter interval. This process is automated.

Although seeing the current list of issued tools only requires a single keystroke with TCMax, one ANG customer asked to be able to see the issued tools list while actually issuing and turning in tools. That is now available. This new issued tools screen covers most of the right side of the screen, and automatically hides itself when necessary.

Kit Builder screen (Ctrl-K) allows you to easily build tool kits, copy or move from an existing kit, copy from any existing stock, and copy from the tool box.

ACC Form 140 (CTK inventory & Control Log)is available and we were about to add the ACC Form 146 (Missing/Removed Tools and Equipment) when we realized that the only reason to have these forms is because of the limitations of other software. With TCMax, tools are assigned to a tool kit via a Parent barcode number. And since each tool in TCMax has its own unique ID you can issue things out of the tool box. With TCMax, missing and broken tools are issued out of the box and tracked in the Issued Tools screen like any other tool. And if you should try to issue the tool box at a later date you get a "Caution tool removed!" warning.

The following paragraphs are meant for aircraft maintenance organizations that have the mandate to use TAS. We have already had great success with other USAF organizations such as Security Police using TCMax to issue virtually everything including weapons.

TCMax asks you where you are taking your tools providing a permanent audit trail of who, what, and WHERE each tool has gone. TCMax lets you use any one to 50 alpha-numeric characters to identify tools, equipment and employees, even your military or civilian ID card.

TCMaxMobile allows you to do a flightline inventory of all items currently issued by simply scanning all barcodes on the flightline.

The user manual shows you how to document end of shift or end of day inventories by simply scanning three barcodes.

Tracking Hazmat items is easy with TCMax. One unit's MSEP inspection revealed a requirement to track where hazardous items are used and where a bottle currently in use is located. The Hazmat Pharmacy labels everything with barcode labels which other software systems may not be able to use due to the character limits. With TCMax you can even track hazmat consumption by weight of product used!

    • TCMax works with USAF standard desktops. Windows Vista and higher will work.
    • Add new tool in under 15 seconds!
    • Add new person in under 8 seconds!
    • Press F1 while on the main screen to get a reminder page of the shortcut keys
    • Print AF2005’s from the main screen, tool search screen, purchase order screen, and the ‘Show tools that are out’ (issued tools) screen
    • TCMax doesn't make you switch screens to turn a tool in!
    • Issue things like rags in ANY quantity without having to pre-define the quantity and tracks that quantity accurately. When this type of barcode is scanned TCMax says "Enter Quantity".
    • Use ANY barcode scanner and ANY Windows compatible printer for reports and labels.
    • Print labels from the main screen
    • Written by a retired CMSgt with over 37 years aircraft maintenance experience and over 20 years of programming experience.
    • Support where people actually answer the telephone and don't tell you to reformat your hard drive.
    • Fully complies with AFI 21-101, the old version as well as the new version.
    • Use the front or rear barcode on your Air Force ID card, much more secure than using a CAMS employee number
    • The Pocket PC can be used for tool control on a small deployment
    • Doesn't require you to pre-setup a special location or NSN for every tool.
    • Calibration dates, just enter the date from the calibration sticker.
    • Deployment lists are developed by scanning things AS YOU PACK for a deployment! TCMax allows you to be more flexible which assists with accuracy.
    • New tools and new employees are all entered on the main screen. Scan an ID card or enter a CAMS number that is not in the database & TCMax says "New Employee" and you simply enter their name and they are in the system. New tools work exactly the same way. Enter a new tool in less than 30 seconds.
    • Print AF and ACC forms right from TCMax, most with a single keystroke from the main screen
    • Update WRM calibration dates automatically
    • Optional force login password changes in a period and character count that you specify, repeat passwords not allowed, passwords can require normal integrity (upper & lower case letter, number, and special character all required)
    • For Munitions Storage area, require a password entry for issue of munitions storage area keys
    • From the main screen press Ctrl-5 (for 2005) when a tool is displayed on the main screen
    • From the search or issued tools screens there is a menu option to print the 2005
    • Three copies of the 2005 appear on a single page
    • T.O.’s now have their own reports for inspections.
    • Remember there is an “Inspection Update” mode of operation in TCMax. Use that when you are doing things like updating T.O. inspections, it is faster then clicking the Edit button on the main screen to manually update the inspection but either way works.
    • MIL report, optionally print a single tool box
    • Barcodes added to CTK MIL report optionally
    • Timer to automatically clear the employee/location from the screen after a preset time, can be set in 1 minute intervals,
      minimum of one minute

Ensure Safety & Control Foreign Object Damage with TCMax

The TCMax asset and inventory management software helps you reduce expenses, increase accuracy, and save time. You can even be up and running the first day including integration, customization, and operation. Find out more today!

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