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With millions of dollars worth of equipment and inventory changing hands each day, the healthcare industry is among those most highly benefitted by employing TCMax for healthcare asset tracking and management. Below we've provided a real customer story detailing how TCMax helps the Denver Health Paramedic Division.

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TCMax asset and inventory management software elevates your efficiency with real-time data and reporting to help you manage your assets. Plus, the software offers easy setup (be up and running the first day), integration, customization, and operation. Get started!

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TCMax Testimonial: Denver Health Paramedic Division

healthcare asset tracking and management system

The Denver Health Paramedic Division is the sole provider of emergency medical services for the City and County of Denver, Colorado. A division of Denver Health and Hospital Authority, we responded to 87,151 calls in 2014.

Prior to our investment in TCMax, equipment was largely unaccounted for and frequently abused or damaged with no one being accountable. Now at the touch of a few buttons TCMax’s reporting ability makes it a snap to see where every item is instantly."
The Denver Health Paramedic Division is staffed by approximately 200 employees. More than 67,000 patients a year are treated and transported by DH Paramedics. In addition, a critical care transport ambulance staffed by a registered nurse is available to perform critical care transfers, and three emergency service patrol vans transport public inebriates to "Denver CARES" for detoxification. The Denver Health Paramedics also provide EMS services at Denver International Airport, the fourth busiest airport in the country. Several operational teams complement the day to day operations and extend the Division’s capability to respond to special events and mass gatherings, including a bicycle team, wildland response team, and a disaster/mass gathering team.

To accomplish these varied critical responsibilities our Vehicle Support Techs issue and return millions of dollars in equipment and vehicles to — and from — our crews on a daily basis. Crews present their badge at shift start and pre-scanned equipment is transferred to their account. They are responsible for its safe return at shift’s end as it is scanned back in, cleaned, calibrated and prepared to be reissued to another outgoing crew.

Prior to our investment in TCMax, equipment was largely unaccounted for and frequently abused or damaged with no one being accountable. Now at the touch of a few buttons TC Max’s reporting ability makes it a snap to see where every item is instantly.

TCMax is a vital tool that we could not do without. Listed below are a few of the ways TCMax helps us on a daily basis

  • Narcotics are tracked using TCMax and our accounting system has been hailed as one of the best in the nation. TCMax allows us to match up barcoded tamper—proof seals to kits to establish a fail-safe chain of custody.
  • Med kits are checked once a month and medications that are about to expire are removed and the box is resealed. TCMax allows us to enter a new expiration date for the kit and verbally warns us upon check-out if it is about to expire. When the expiration date is reached it will not allow us to issue the box until updated.
  • We are also the only agency in America involved in a unique three year-long Department of Defense Study. We issue every ambulance crew a custom made cooler containing frozen plasma that can be administered in the field. TCMax helps us makes sure this valuable resource is always accounted for and assists us in data collection for the study.
  • TCMax is currently being evaluated by our Paramedic School to keep track of student requirements and by our fleet manager to track mileage and maintenance intervals.
  • In the next few months we will initiate wireless bluetooth scanning in our vehicles to be sure they contain all the necessary equipment before they leave the garage. In its inventory mode TCMax will verbally tell us what items are missing or have gone unchecked.
Support has always been readily available and the answers to our questions answered promptly in a friendly and professional manner. We love to show off — if potential users would like to see what we do, we’d be happy to arrange a tour!