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How TCMax Works

How Barcode Tracking Software Works

TCMax Can Use Any Barcode

The TCMax system will work with any existing barcode. Once scanned, the system says "New Tool". Next, simply type what you want the system to know about the tool and press F5 to Save - it's that easy! After completing significant research with various equipment manufacturers, we can now provide barcode scanners and Pocket PCs with built in scanners that will easily scan and decode DataMatrix barcodes etched directly on chrome plated tools.

Gain Unmatched Levels Of Control & Safety

From the assembly of Delta IV rockets to transportation and retail industries, there are literally hundreds of unique customizations that can be configured within the TCMax system. TCMax will provide your organization with an unmatched level of transparency over your managed assets, increasing efficiency and reducing unnecessary expenditures.

Put simply, the TCMax system tracks any asset and manages the issue/turn-in of any asset to individual employees. Using a scanner and barcodes, the system maintains permanent records of which assets were used where, by whom, and for how long. TCMax also simplifies the physical inventory and order process, helps to automate repair orders, and provides accurate chain of custody reporting for law enforcement.

Inputting Data into the System

To get started, you will need to add your organizational assets and users to the system. This may seem like a daunting task, but TCMax can help you streamline the process. There are two options:

  • Set up a free phone consultation and we will walk you through the input of your assets and people. It’s as easy as setting up an Excel® spreadsheet.
  • For an additional charge, TCMax support staff can create and input your initial data into the software. Contact us for pricing.

Get Started with TCMax’s Barcode Tracking Software

The TCMax asset and inventory management solution elevates your efficiency with real-time data and reporting to help you manage your assets. Plus, the software offers easy setup (it's possible to be up and running the first day), integration, customization, and operation. Get started!

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