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TCMax Inventory Management

Speed Up Inventory Tracking & Asset Management Procedures

Improve Speed & Accuracy of All Inventory Procedures

TCMax Inventory Management features will increase the speed and improve accuracy of all inventory procedures. Your employees will spend less time completing physcial inventory, and reports provide immediate feedback about inventory status across your entire organization.

TCMax maintains permanent records of who has what assets and where they were used, and with a single click, it tells you. Calibration and inspection dates are monitored, and a loud voice states “Overdue Calibration” to warn the user to check the calibration date of this tool. There is no need to switch screens to enter new employees, to enter new tools, or to issue and turn in tools; it is all done using a single computer screen. Uncomplicated viewing of information and the elimination of tedious keystrokes and mouse clicks result in consistent long-term use by everyone in your system.

Performing a Physical Inventory

Performing a complete physical inventory can not possibly be easier, faster, or more accurate! Simply enter "Physical Inventory Mode" and scan the container number (building, room, vehicle, trailer, tool box, etc. After confirming that you wish you issue everything to you, simply scan every barcode and you'll hear audble "Removed" with each scan. If there are multiple items of the same barcode, the computer says "Enter Quantity" and you can enter the amount. When you're finished, a physical inventory report provides you with all of the details!

Spend Less Time Completing Inventory with TCMax

TCMax elevates your efficiency with real-time data and reporting to help you manage your assets. The TCMax asset and inventory management solution offers easy setup, integration, customization, and operation. Get started today!

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