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Multi-Industry Asset Tracking

Asset Management & Tracking Software for All Industries

TCMax software is perfect for any industry or organization that wants to:

  • Increase Efficiency
  • Boost Productivity
  • Enhance Safety & Security
  • Improve Profit Margins
  • Automate Reporting & Notifications
  • Streamline Processes Across Departments
  • Track Assets in Real-Time
  • Maintain Permanent Records of Asset Issue/Turn-In
  • Implement Consistent, Long-Term Usage of Software
  • Customize Software for Unique Processes
  • Simplify Inventory Management
  • Increase Accuracy & Consistency
  • Meet Regulations & Stay Compliant

Flexible & Adaptable Solutions

TCMax software is highly customizable, adaptable, and flexible. It is used globally across multiple different industries in many unique ways to manage and track assets of all kinds, from employees and equipment to files and so much more.

Track Anything, In Any Industry

It’s easy to assume that TCMax is software for manufacturers or industries with large tool rooms, but you can confidently track anything:

  • Tools
  • Equipment
  • Inventory
  • Hospital Supplies
  • Legal Evidence
  • University Furniture
  • Surgical Equipment (End of Procedure)
  • Military Assets
  • Municipality & State Government Equipment
  • Ask Us About Your Situation!

Specific Industry Examples

We work with small businesses to large governmental institutions to create more efficient - and more profitable – workplaces. TCMax can be found in hospitals, the US Military, aeronautics, universities and tech schools, fire departments and police stations, retail stores, local, municipal, and state government agencies, and virtually any area you can imagine.

EMS, Fire Departments, & Law Enforcement

TCMax asset tracking and inventory control software is the perfect fit for Emergency Management, Fire and Police organizations, where manpower, asset management and budget control is of extreme importance.

TCMax maintains permanent records of assets, and can provide detailed real-time status with a single click.

TCMax allows firefighters and emergency workers to quickly and accurately complete physical inventory of trucks and equipment, and is equally valuable for inventory of consumables and equipment on any vehicle or tool/supply room.

Calibration and inspection dates are also monitored, and a loud voice warns when the calibration or testing date of an asset is approaching. TCMax software does much more than help manage inventory, it also helps ensure that all assets are in top working condition.

Universities, Colleges, & Educational Facilities

Educational institutions and certification providers use TCMax for several key reasons:

  • Easy to Use
  • Flexible Solutions
  • Customizable Options
  • Automated Notifications & Reports
  • Helpful Customer Support
  • On-going Improvements

TCMax is integral to several well-known universities and colleges as well as many small schools and educational facilities. This customizable software allows educators to focus on students instead of repeating tedious tasks. Universities utilize TCMax in various ways, such as coursework completion and certification verification. Tracking each student as they progress through hundreds of tasks at different intervals is a very complex problem.

TCMax task tracking software makes it easy to track individual student progression across departments and through your entire organization.

Custom Solutions for YOU

Does your facility face challenges including security risks, uneven manpower management, elevated levels of asset loss or theft? Have you tried to implement other asset management and tracking software, only to have your employees struggle to operate it?

Your facility is unique, and we recognize that. With TCMax software you can configure literally hundreds of unique customizations. TCMax is extremely flexible and adaptable; the software can be customized to your exact operational requirements, quickly and easily.

Sound intimidating? It’s not. TCMax is designed for ease-of-use; virtually all actions can be performed from a single screen. Even employees who dislike using a computer will be able to use TCMax software. In fact, being easy to use is one reason this software is easily integrated into a variety of industries and is used company-wide, across departments, long-term.

Another popular feature is the reminder system - the software issues verbal directives loudly and clearly so that any employee can follow them effortlessly.

Get Started with TCMax

TCMax asset and inventory management software elevates your efficiency with real-time data and reporting to help you manage your assets. TCMax software is very easy to setup (be up and running the first day), integrate, customize, and operate. Get started today!

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