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Enterprise Scalability

Scalable Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) Software

Easily Add An Item and View Assets Across The Entire Organization

TCMax Software brings an entirely new dimension of data and reporting to help you manage your assets, with unmatched ease of integration, customization, and operation. TCMax offers more than 100 reports to simplify your work and increase operational efficiency. Multiple locations can also share a single database. With TCMax you will gain a system that tracks asset status and condition, and provides real-time reports of assets that need attention, calibration, or inspection.

TCMax maintains permanent records of every asset, and each asset can have an unlimited number of attachments such as an MSDS or maintenance instructions, which open with a single keystroke. TCMax tracks employee certifications, including certification expiration dates, and the software will not issue tools to employees who are not qualified or certified to use the asset. Automated email notifications can be sent to management with customized triggers, and TCMax dashboards provide real-time evaluation of company assets including broken assets, how long they have been broken, and who fixes them most efficiently.

Enterprise Features

We would love to arrange a 20-30 minute live Web-Demonstration, or if you prefer you can Request a Free Trial. Listed below are just a few of the enterprise features of TCMax Software, Click Here to view additional features and benefits.

  • Easily add a single item to all locations that are currently using TCMax
  • Duplicate an entire set of tools and equipment for a new branch of your company with only a couple of clicks
  • Maintain historical maintenance records, discrepancies, and the actions taken to repair those discrepancies
  • Any report can be sent via email with a couple of clicks
  • Automated Exception Reporting and Notification TCMax can notify appropriate personnel of bad orders, create work orders, line up assets for repair or forwarding to maintenance facility. This allows for instant data to send out a replacement asset which allows for less inventory.
  • Real Time data for managers using the TCMax Dashboard. Instant inventory and tracking for valuable assets.
  • Automated Reporting provides the data you need to manage your business. Emails can be sent to management, with instant accurate reporting for unexpected requirements, agency inspections, etc.
  • Status and Condition Tracking Railroads now have a process for tracking and repairing bad order assets as well as knowledge of assets that need attention, calibration, or inspection.
  • Significant ROI Class 1 railroads report significant ROI, we can arrange verification.

Get Started with TCMax

TCMax asset and inventory management software elevates your efficiency with real-time data and reporting to help you manage your assets. Plus, the software is very easy to setup (be up and running the first day), integrate, customize, and operate. Get started today!

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A Few Kind Words

Thank you for all the assistance during implementation of TCMax. I learned a lot, and I truly believe that we put together the best tool/HAZMAT check-out system that the Navy has.
- AM1 Jeff Araya, US Navy HSM-6

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