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What Makes TCMax Great

TCMax Asset & Inventory Management Software Features

Flexible and Adaptable

One company cannot possibly use all of the features that TCMax already offers, which makes this system the most flexible and adaptable on the market. Most features are set during the initial set up, meaning once TCMax is configured to your exact operational requirements you won't have to touch them again.

Work From A Single Screen Without Looking

TCMax was designed to allow a user to issue or turn in tools and consumable items without having to look at the computer screen. Virtually all actions can be performed from a single screen, including adding new employees, adding new tools, performing issue/turn-in and more, saving time and increasing efficiency. The software speaks - in a loud voice - "Issue", "Turn In", "Employee", "Location", "Enter Quantity" as necessary with each keyboard or barcode scanner entry and announces in a different voice to capture attention when specific alerts are required , such as "Overdue Calibration", "Caution-Tool Removed", "New Tool", "New Employee", "Inspection Overdue", "Employee Not Certified".

TCMax Offers Software Features for Any Industry

TCMax asset and inventory management software elevates your efficiency with real-time data and reporting to help you manage your assets. Plus, the software offers easy setup (be up and running the first day), integration, customization, and operation. Get started!

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TCMax Works For Any Size Organization

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    Asset Tracking & Inventory

    Track all tools and PPE that are issued and checked in/out, reduce time spent performing physical inventories, and know the location & status of every Operator Control Unit at all times. TCMax saves your company time and money.

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    Foreign Object Debris

    The United States Air Force, Army, and NASA are among some of the largest organizations that rely on TCMax to control and inventory their vast collection of tools, assets and equipment with zero tolerance for Foreign Object Debris.

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    Easy To Set up & Use

    TCMax does not require technical knowledge to set up or use, and many of our clients achieve same day functionality. Most operations can be performed from a single screen, and voice notification allows issue/turn in without looking at the screen.

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    Reporting & Scalability

    TCMax supports hundreds of locations on one database, providing global visibility of enterprise assets. With more than 25 built-in charts, you can easily spot trends in activity, item usage, and more.

Features List

While there are too many features to list on any website page, we welcome you to peruse the list below. We encourage you to request a web demonstration or contact us to discuss how other companies in your industry are using TCMax Tool Control Software to improve efficiency and save money.

  • Computer "talks" to you telling you what it is doing so you don't have to watch the computer screen on every issue/turn in ... this one feature virtually guarantees that your employees won't scan something and not have it accepted by the computer
  • Calibration and inspection dates are checked with each issue or turn in
  • Over 100 reports
  • Over 200 options, make TCMax work the way that YOU want
  • Parent/Child relationships, issue a toolbox that has an overdue torque wrench in it & you get the Overdue Calibration warning
  • Computer says "Issue", "Turn In", "Employee", "Location", "Enter Quantity" as necessary with each keyboard or barcode scanner entry
  • "Overdue Calibration", "Caution-Tool Removed", "New Tool", "New Employee", "Inspection Overdue", "Employee Not Certified" are in a different voice to catch the operator's attention to these non-routine events
  • Tool barcodes can be alpha/numeric digits up to 50 characters
  • Employee ID cards and ID numbers up to 50 characters
  • Virtually every action is done from one main, simple screen
  • SQL database or SQL Server® and SQL Server Express®
  • Import/Export to a  database from multiple 'source' databases
  • Fast/easy way to perform complete physical inventories
  • Turn in any tool & log grid displays all of the tools still issued to that person (This makes the program instantly more informative!)
  • Unlimited inspection items for each "tool" ... great for issuing keys for a vehicle & making sure all oil changes, etc. are complied with by date or by mileage/hour meter reading
  • Issue expendable items.  Report tells you when you are below low inventory limits and tells you how many to order.
  • Additional reports include inventory for each tool box, calibration, temporary duty
  • So fast and easy to use even your most stubborn employees will use it without complaining (much)
  • Custom Label Maker included, tailored to the specific needs of printing labels for your tools
  • Features that require elevated permissions can be assigned on an individual employee basis if desired
  • Print individual barcode labels from the TCMax main screen!
  • Tools that require employee certification before use will only issue to those employees that are certified.  Each tool has its own list of certified employees, the date of certification and the date that the certification expires.
  • Multiple shops can share a single database.  Entries are separated by Shop Code for all screen displays and reports.  Management can see all shops at once if desired.
  • Multiple identical tools issued under a SINGLE BARCODE.  Use this to issue tools when you don't care which one comes back, not around aircraft.  Helmets or safety goggles are another type of item that can use this feature.
  • Issue multiple tools with a single scan!  Check the appropriate box in each tool to enable this feature.  Scan the tool barcode and the program asks "Enter Quantity" defaulting to one.  This feature works both for expendable tools and tools that must be turned back in.
  • Filter logged records by date.
  • Track the number of uses of an item, not just the number of times it was issued, warnings given when an inspection is due based on uses
  • Search screen that allows you to quickly find any tool knowing only part of its name.
  • Inspection Update mode, scan any tool to instantly update inspections due based on the inspection interval.
  • Inventory mode.  Scan each item to update the inventory date.  Reports tell you what you have or have not inventoried in a given time period.
  • Automatically prints receipts on an optional thermal printer
  • Physical Inventory mode of operation that makes inventorying a trailer, vehicle, or room of assets extremely simple, fast and accurate!
  • 2-D DataMatrix Direct Part Mark support, you can tell the difference whether the employee scanned the barcode marked on the tool or the label next to the tool.  Label maker creates special labels in this case.
  • Print 2-D barcodes like DataMatrix.
  • No wireless connection required!
  • Enter 'maintenance procedures' that define the tools that you need for a specific job.  Enter the job and TCMax tells you what those tools are, where they are stored, and if not available who has them and where they are being used.  It even will tell you if another tool room has them available.
  • Electronic signature doubly encrypted to verify no changes have been made
  • Block the issue of any tool to aircraft cleared to fly
  • Specific mode of operation designed to track student training requirements.
  • Compatible with Microsoft Vista, 7, 8, 8.1, and Windows 10
  • Kit Builder, build tool kits from existing stock on one simple to use screen
  • Attachments, attach an unlimited number of any type of file to a tool such as MSDS's or maintenance instructions.  Attachments open with a single keystroke
  • Pocket PC version: Use a Pocket PC and plug-in scanner to update inspection dates, do an inventory, or issue tools!  The Pocket PC talks giving you the same audio responses as the PC version.  Merge the data later upon plugging the Pocket PC into your desktop.
  • Synchronize any number of Pocket PC's all from one desktop computer
  • Automatically sends an email if your personnel have not turned in their equipment on time.  Also sends email when an expendable item goes below the lower stock limit. There is no limit to the number of people who can be included on an email.
  • Work Orders -- track unlimited maintenance discrepancies and repair history on every tool and piece of equipment
  • Optional force login password changes in a period and character count that you specify, repeat passwords not allowed, passwords can require normal integrity (upper & lower case letter, number, and special character all required in a minimum length that you set from 4 to 50 characters)
  • At end of shift before turning in tools you can add multiple work locations to record every place you used the tools with CTRL-D
  • Set up TCMax outside your tool crib.  Set to Tool Search screen.  Employees can find the items that they want, click a button sending that item to a receipt printer to hand to the tool room operator.  Makes issuing tools significantly faster!  The receipt contains the storage location, part number, and description of the item that they want.
  • DHS 33 hand receipts for Department of Homeland Security for US Border Patrol
  • US Border Patrol end of shift inventory report
  • Evidence Tracking for Law Enforcement features