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Overview: TCMax Asset Management System

Overview: Asset & Tool Room Management System

Asset Management, Tool Control, & Inventory Made Easy

TCMax inventory control software inventories and tracks all tools, equipment, and consumables. TCMax not only allows a tool crib to issue and turn in tools with unmatched speed and efficiency, but it is just as valuable for controlling mobile equipment and inventory of assets for fire departments, EMTs, or service trucks. An Ohio township fire chief stated that the inventory of one truck that took four hours each for two men, now requires only one hour for one man.

Permanent Records - Audible Calibration and Inspection Warnings

TCMax maintains permanent records of who has what assets and where they were used, and with a single click, it tells you. Calibration and inspection dates are monitored, and a loud voice states “Overdue Calibration” to warn the user to check the calibration date of this tool. There is no need to switch screens to enter new employees, to enter new tools, or to issue and turn in tools; it is all done using a single computer screen. Uncomplicated viewing of information and the elimination of tedious keystrokes and mouse clicks result in consistent long-term use by everyone in your organization.

Never Lose Track Of Assets Again

The TCMax Tool Control System was originally launched to prevent the serious and dangerous situation of tools being lost or left during aircraft maintenance. Maybe your applications don’t seem as critical as rockets or aircraft, but think of it, how many tools can you afford to have lost, or left inside operating vehicles or machinery? TCMax is so good at what it does, that since United Launch Alliance has started using the TCMax software system in the assembly of Delta IV rockets, there have been zero incidents of tool-related foreign object damage.

Customize TCMax for Your Business

TCMax asset and tool room management software elevates your efficiency with real-time data and reporting to help you manage your assets. Plus, the software offers easy setup (be up and running the first day), integration, customization, and operation. Get started!

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TCMax Feature Overview

  • Fingerprint scanning to identify employees is available.
  • Capture doubly-encrypted signatures for proof of the acceptance or issuance of a list of items, excellent for protecting police evidence rooms, police weapons, and high-cost assets. Changing recorded amounts after authorizing signatures are recorded will erase the signatures from the record, leaving evidence that recorded list has been tampered with.
  • Barcodes for both tools and employee ID can be alpha-numeric up to 50 characters.
  • User permissions can be assigned, restricting access to specific users.
  • Tools that require employee certification before use will only issue to those employees that are certified.
  • Each tool has its own list of certified employees, date of certification, and date their certification expires.
  • Optional forced password change requires password updates in period and character counts you specify; repeating passwords not allowed. Passwords can require normal integrity (upper & lower case letter, number, and special character), required in a minimum length you set from 4 to 50 characters.
  • Before turning in tools, worker can use CTRL-D to add multiple work locations to record every place tools were used.
  • Email - Automatically sends an email if your personnel have not turned in their equipment on time. Also sends email when an expendable item goes below the user-defined lower stock limit.
  • Over 100 reports and 200 options make TCMax work the way YOU want it to work.
  • Maintain detailed historical maintenance records, discrepancies, and the actions taken to repair or correct those discrepancies.
  • Reorder report tells when you are below low inventory limits.
  • Additional reports include: inventory for each tool box, calibration, and temporary duty, among others.
  • Work Orders - Track unlimited maintenance and repair history on every tool and piece of equipment.
  • Inspection Update mode - Scan any tool to instantly update inspections based on the prescribed inspection interval.
  • Track the number of uses of an item, not just the number of times it was issued, warnings given when an inspection is due based on uses.
  • Unlimited inspection parameters for each item - This is great for issuing keys for a vehicle & making certain all service items are in compliance, either by date or by odometer/hour meter reading.
  • Fast, easy, and efficient way to perform complete physical inventories
  • Physical Inventory mode of operation makes inventorying a trailer, vehicle, or room of assets extremely simple, fast, and accurate. Simply enter Physical Inventory mode, scan all of the assets and you're done!
  • Automatically prints receipts on an optional thermal printer.
  • Inventory mode - Scan each item to update the inventory date. Reports tell what you have or have not inventoried in a given period.
  • Meets U.S. Army regulations DA PAM 710-2-1, paragraph 6-3c for tools that are to be issued for more than one day, but less than 30 days, and paragraph 6-3d for tools that are issued for more than 30 days. Also added the DA FORM 2062 which is automatically filled by your inventory further complying with DA PAM 710-2-1. Change report in DA 2062 format used to issue weapons or other high value/sensitive items.
  • Fully meets U.S. Air Force Instruction AFI 21-101, Chapter 10 covering tool control. Also allows users to use the existing barcode on a torque wrench from the calibration laboratory rather than adding an additional illegal barcode. And now print AF 2005 forms from a number of spots within TCMax. USAF A4 has approved the use of software other than TAS via message 241155Z Sep 08. TCMax explicit CTOs for AFNET and a CoN for the Army Network. Recent DoD reciprocity announcements would make TCMax approved for any Defense Data Network.
  • Fully meets U.S. Marines TAMCN C70742B and SL-3-10024A July 2003 for a component list of tools along with appropriate inventory logging on their standard report.
  • Print Department of Homeland Security Form 33 hand receipts with a single keystroke.
  • Use a Pocket PC with built-in 2D imager to update inspection dates, do an inventory, or issue tools.
  • The Pocket PC speaks the same audio responses as the desktop version. Merge the data later upon plugging the Pocket PC into your desktop PC.
  • Synchronize multiple Pocket PC’s on one desktop PC.