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TCMax Success Stories

Success Stories & Asset Tracking Software Reviews

Here are a few examples of how our clients are using TCMax Software:

Industry: Railroad (CSX Corporation)

Scope: Using TCMax Software to issue all tools, personal protective equipment (PPE), and to track tool certification/calibration.

Results: 15% reduction in PPE expenditures and 50% reduction in tooling expenditures

  • Tracking Tools and PPE: Tracks all tools that we check in and out, and tracks tools and PPE that we issue to employees.
  • Tracking Certifications: TCMax notifies us when equipment is due certification and will not issue if out of date, we are now looking outside the tool room for tools/equipment that require certifications.
  • Inventory: All PPE and tooling are inventoried using TCMax, reducing the number of physical counts performed by storeroom personnel. TCMax has also simplified the ordering process (software can be used to generate PO’s)

"Overall, all of the feedback I have received has been very positive. The implementation and setup was straight forward and required little to no training. The system is very intuitive and user friendly (basic functions). The software also has reports built in to track and view inventories, usage, etc. In addition to the benefits I have already talked about one other benefit I have seen is out of service time reduction on tools. The software has enabled us to better identify and track failures (laptops, train control equipment, etc.) and we are seeing faster turnaround times because we are more precisely identifying the problems when we send out equipment for repairs."

- Curtis Shogren, Asst. Plant Superintendent

Industry: Healthcare (Denver Health Paramedic Division)

Scope: Using TCMax Software to issue/turn-in equipment, control inventory, and record chain-of-custody.

Results: Accounting system has been hailed as one of the best in the nation

  • Narcotics are tracked using TCMax and our accounting system has been hailed as one of the best in the nation. TCMax allows us to match up barcoded tamper-proof seals to kits to establish a fail-safe chain of custody.
  • Med kits are checked once a month and medications that are about to expire are removed and the box is resealed. TCMax allows us to enter a new expiration date for the kit and verbally warns us upon check-out if it is about to expire. When the expiration date is reached it will not allow us to issue the box until updated.
  • We are also the only agency in America involved in a unique three year-long Department of Defense Study. We issue a every ambulance crew a custom made cooler containing frozen plasma that can be administered in the field. TCMax helps us makes sure this valuable resource is always accounted for and assists us in data collection for the study.
  • TCMax is being looked at by our Paramedic School to keep track of student requirements and by our fleet manager to track mileage and maintenance intervals.
  • In the next few months we will initiate wireless blue-tooth scanning in our vehicles to be sure they contain all the necessary equipment before they leave the garage. In its inventory mode TCMax will verbally tell us what items are missing or have gone unchecked.
The Denver Health Paramedic Division is the sole provider of emergency medical services for the City and County of Denver, Colorado.   A division of Denver Health and Hospital Authority, we responded to 87,151 calls in 2014. Prior to our investment in TCMax, equipment was largely unaccounted for and frequently abused or damaged with no one being accountable. Now at the touch of a few buttons TCMax’s reporting ability makes it a snap to see where every item is instantly.
- Bob Blechar

Industry: Railroad (BNSF Railway Company)

Scope: Using TCMax Software to issue/turn-in Operator Control Units (OCU), track OCU Status & Maintenance, and to track OCU repair status.

Results: TCMax eliminates unreported OCU defects, schedules and provides notification for scheduled maintenance while documenting the process, helps us track and collect on all OCU and OCU battery warranties, and provides data on every detail of every one of our OCUs.

  • Tracking OCU and OCU battery issue/turn-in, warranty status, status and location of OCUs including those out for repair

"Safe operation is of utmost importance. An OCU operator can now come to work and know for sure that their unit is in good and safe working order when they check it out of the box. By providing check-in reporting options for maintenance or defects, TCMax eliminates unreported OCU defect or maintenance problems carrying over to the next shift, and prevents the operator from getting into the yard before discovering a problem. TCMax also schedules and provides notifications for annual scheduled maintenance, plus it documents the process. When a maintenance issue arises, we now know which OCUs and batteries are under warranty, which allows us to collect on those warranties. We can also run reports to manage the life of all OCUs and batteries. Knowing exactly how many operating OCUs we have in stock, plus a better understanding of their utilization, helps us in setting our min/max levels when budgeting for future purchases. We also now know how many OCUs are out for repair, where they are being repaired, and when to expect them back. If a battery or OCU is missing, we now have an unalterable historical use record that let's us know who to talk to. We have found this feature to be valuable in many areas."

- Bradley Queen, Manager of Locomotive Utilization RCO

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