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Multi-Industry Asset Tracking

Asset Management & Tracking for Tech Schools

Tech schools need to manage and track assets, too, just like manufacturing plants and aeronautic facilities. And with TCMax you can track anything easily and quickly. That’s right – your technical school can take advantage of the myriad benefits of this unique asset management and tracking software.

Realize the advantages of using a fully-integrated system to manage and track assets of any kind, from student attendance to property like furniture, to streamline processes, improve time-management, and enhance security.

With TCMax, your technical school can start making improvements today – you can have your software up and running the first day. TCMax is easy to use, even for people who don’t like to use computers.

Benefits for Tech Schools

Technical school and community colleges can track & manage furniture and supplies, and improve efficiencies across departments with TCMax software. Some of the most popular benefits for tech schools include:

Reduce Asset Theft & Loss: Lower incidents of assets being lost, misplaced, or stolen with one powerful, easy-to-implement asset management software. Access real-time asset location and status so that you know where your assets are at all times. TCMax software also allows you to track damage to assets, know who has an asset, restrict asset access, and monitor asset condition. These features give you more control over your assets and their value; when you know where your assets are and what condition they’re in, you can reduce unnecessary inventory, streamline maintenance schedules, and stay compliant – effortlessly.

Less Computer Work: Dislike using the computer? TCMax software is made for you! Perform virtually all actions from a single screen to reduce the likelihood of errors and increase consistent usage across your organization. Plus, TCMax was designed so that you can issue/turn-in tools without ever having to look at the computer screen. This is software made for people who don’t like or want to use computers a lot, and it’s simple enough for anyone to use!

Automate Reports & Notifications: Automation removes the need to perform repetitive tasks in addition to ensuring consistency and accuracy across processes. Use automated email notifications with customized triggers to streamline tasks, reports, and operations based on your specific needs. TCMax saves time and money by providing hundreds of options that can be adapted to your specific requirements.

Boost Security: Need to limit access to files, assets, or tools? TCMax offers multiple levels of access control so you can determine who is allowed access and who is not. You can also keep permanent records of asset issue/turn-in so that you can track and manage asset data across departments, employees, and over time. This feature lets you track assets and individual usage so that you can pinpoint areas of increased risk, damage, or theft.

Fast & Easy to Use: Need a better system in place today? With TCMax your tech school can be up-and-running the first day. TCMax software is very easy to use – we’ve designed the software to increase usage across organizations consistently and long-term. In fact, this is one of the main reasons TCMax is so popular across so many different industries; teams find it simple to implement and use on a day-to-day basis.

How Tech Schools Use TCMax

Curious how your technical school or community college can improve and simplify processes to improve efficiency across the entire organization? Here’s how the education sector utilizes TCMax:

TRACK student progress and coursework completion.

VIEW real-time reports that are sent automatically to the proper individuals.

MONITOR & RENEW PC software licenses – for both students and faculty – the correct number, on-time.

MANAGE school furniture, equipment, machinery, and more.

AUTOMATE email notifications and reporting to all school departments.

CUSTOMIZE notification triggers to track specific assets in one department or across several departments.

Track Anything, In Any Industry

It’s easy to assume that TCMax provides software just for manufacturers or industries with large tool rooms, but this simple-to-use software allows you to confidently track anything:

  • School Furniture
  • School Course Progression
  • Classroom Attendance
  • PC Software Licenses
  • Anything, in Any Industry (learn more)
  • Ask Us About Your Situation!

Get Started Quickly & Easily

Ready to reduce costs, increase safety, improve productivity, and make managing your facility easier? It’s time consider TCMax’ customizable asset management and tracking software.

Improve the accuracy of student records including classroom attendance, course progression, and certification completion with this fully-integrated system. Now you can manage and track assets of any kind so you can streamline processes, improve time-management, and enhance security.

Technical school and community colleges can improve efficiencies, accuracy, and consistency across departments with TCMax software.

Get started quickly – install and use TCMax in one day. Plus, you can choose to receive full customization services for your facility, including integrations.

Streamline Processes Across All Tech School Departments

TCMax asset and inventory management software elevates your efficiency with real-time data and reporting to help you manage your assets. Plus, the software offers easy setup (be up and running the first day), integration, customization, and operation. Get started!

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