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TCMax Tool Management Software

The Most Accurate Tool Tracking Software

Real-Time Tracking of All Tools, Equipment & Consumables

TCMax is the fastest solution for issue / turn in, and offers the most accurate process in the world for tracking your tools. Calibration & inspection dates are monitored, as well as employee certifications, and a loud voice warns with "Overdue Calibration" or "Employee Not Certified" when applicable. The many functions of TCMax tool management software make sure that your assets are not just available, but also that they are in full working order.

TCMax Tool Management Software knows how to keep track of things, and was originally developed to prevent the potentially deadly situation of tools being lost or left behind during aircraft maintenance. TCMax is so good at what it does, that there are thousands of licenses for the U.S. military and aviation manufacturers around the world. TCMax Tool Control Software is now the standard tool control software for Air Combat Command (ACC), Air Mobility Command (AMC), the USAF Reserves (AFRC), the Air National Guard (ANG), the Pacific Air Command (PACAF), and the Air Force Special Operations Command (AFSOC).

Tool Management Software Features

There are truly hundreds of time-saving and customizable features that separate TCMax from any other tool control system on the market. Below we've listed some of the most popular, additional features can be found on the TCMax Features page.

Maintenance - Parent/Child Relationships

Parent/Child relationships provide the ability to issue multiple tools with one scan. Issue a toolbox with an overdue torque wrench in it, you will still get the "Overdue Calibration" warning. Enter "maintenance procedures" that define the tools needed for a specific job, and when entered TCMax will tell you if all of the tools are available and if not, where they are, who has them, what their condition is, and can find an alternate location or tool room to help fill your request.

Tool Room Efficiency

One of the most popular features includes the ability to set up TCMax outside of the tool crib. The search screen allows you to quickly find any tool knowing only part of its name, and who currently has the tool. Employees can find the tools they want, click a button that sends those items to a receipt printer, and hand that receipt to the tool room operator. The receipt contains a scannable barcode for faster issuing, as well as the storage location, part number, and a description of the items they want.

In some cases tool rooms end up with more tools immediately after integrating with TCMax because employees return them. If a tool is not available and they want to note it, TCMax allows employees to record and this information. The TCMax Dashboard App offers automated email notifications and reminders.


With TCMax tool control software, tools that require employee certification before use will only issue to those employees that are certified. Each tool has its own list of certified employees, the date of certification and the date that the certification expires. TCMax allows you to attach an unlimited number of any type of file to a tool such as MSDS's or maintenance instructions and attachments open with a single keystroke.

To review a list of popular features, visit the TCMax Features page.

Know Where Your Tools Are at All Times

TCMax is the fastest way to know what’s happening with your tools and in your tool room. Make sure your tools are not just available, but also in good working order. Get started!

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